Boston’s in Playa del Carmen.

There is a place where to go if you want to eat fast and enjoy a cool AC as it is so warm outside : Boston’s.

Lot a space where to park your car. This new building is offering you two different spaces. Tipical restaurant or Bar atmosphere, with the same menu. We decided to go to the Bar side.

Boston’s is to be consider as a sport bar and you will find a lot a big flat screens with all kind a sports going on.

They are famous for there Pizzas, amazing for a Canadian restaurant.

I choose a Flat Bread and honestly this was delicious and generous. Of course with a glass of red wine… The chicken Milanaise is very good as well.

The Apple chips dessert was exactly what I needed and I enoyed it.

From the Hostess to the waiteress, we had a warm and sweet service provided.

Out of the center you will need to go by car or taxi.




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