Family restaurant in a mall, “Toks” in Playa del Carmen.


You come in the mall Plaza las America for shopping and your kids are with you. The right place to go is Toks, cheap lunch formula and game room for the children.

It is quiet a big place but you can pick up a cosy corner just for your family.

They will offer you the menu including the cheap formula for something faster. The prices even “a la carte” are extremely reasonable.

At lunch time a number of office workers are coming here for the formula.

It usually start with a soup, and the French onion soup or the brown tortilla soup are awesome.

I loved my Chicken Teriyaki,  however all the dishes we had were very nice.

A soft drink is included as well.

And of course a dessert…

But then , desserts are a bit desapointed as they are industrial.

Anyway, this a nice way to have lunch od dinner with your kids for a cool price.

Nice restaurant “Madre Tiera” in Playa del Carmen


There we are in the center of the city, right on the Quinta (avenida 5), and a calm restaurant appears on the second floor, “Madre Tiera”.

On the street level, a cute hostess welcomes you very nicely. You can as well check the menu there.

The dinning room is on the second floor. It is very nice and a bar takes place in the center. You are above the very busy Quinta, however in a quiet place.

We ordered a bottle of Mexican wine. This one we did not know before and that as been a very good surprise.


While waiting for our main course, we decided to have some Guacamole. I can tell you that one for two is enough. The waiter comes with a trolley and prepare it for you next to your table. He did a very good job, we loved it.

Then, that night we decided to be soft and both ordered a Filet Mignon (beef filet). I requested the one with the wine sauce and requested as well some French fries. I just needed to feel French for a moment…

The steacks were excellent and my wine sauce was more than beautiful.

Of course on the menu you have very nice offers of different dishes.

The sweatest moment was reached: dessert. I felt in love before with the three chocolates mousse, so this was my selection again.


This restaurant is a very awesome place right in the center.