Chicken salsa Xcatic, so delicious.


Mexican cuisine is knowed to be very spicy. This is not always true, and all Mexicans do not eat spicy everyday. This “Pollo salsa Scatic” is a perfect sample of fine cuisine that will not burn your mouth.

The main part of this dish is the sauce (Salsa).


You will need two pimentes Scatic, one leek, feve beans, one oignon, green beans, some celery, some shard, a black Calabash ( Calabasa negra) just for the skin. Some Creme Fraiche and a bowl of vegetale oil with garlic.


The garnish is baby spinash, shards, green beans, feve and some potatoes.


Let’s start with the sauce. On your stove, burn the Xcatic. When this is done, cut the pimiente in two and clean it.


Cut the celery in small piece as well as the leek and the Scatic pimiente. Peel the calabash (half of it) and sharp the skin.


Pour some oil and garlic in a casserole. Add these in your hot oil. Add as well some sharped shards, complete with some green beans and feves.



Some fresh cream as well. Let’s wait for all these to be cooked well and then put the lot in a blender. When your sauce is ready, add a bit a scratched nuts.

Grill your chicken, cook the potatoes. In a pan, cook the baby spinash with some chards, green beans and feves.


You will just have now to display the chicken on the plate with the garnish and pour the sauce on the chicken.

I garantee you, this is really delicious.

L’image contient peut-être : nourriture

I must say a warm thank you to the Chef at Hotel Esencia for teaching me this wonderful dish.






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