The real Margarita as the Mexican drink.


There are many kinds of Margarita, but the only one traditional is the real one that all Mexican drink.

It’s obvious that the fancy Margarita you can appriciate in the bars and restaurants here are good as well. However, when you live here, you trust the locals and finally you must admit that they are right.

What do you need :

Limes, Tequila, Controy and natural sugar like Jarabe. Lot of ice, salt and lemon for the glass and of course a blender.


I use a vodka glass to mesure.

1 glass of fresh lime juice

1 and a half glass of Controy

2 glasses of the sugar sirup

2 glasses of Tequila Jose Cuervo Traditional.

Pour all the ingredients in your blender. Add ice to the top. Mix the all thing and add more ice so the pitcher can be full.

Return an empty glass in a lemon juice and then after in the salt so you get the decor on the top of this glass.

(Add a small extra Tequila if you like it stonger…)

This is of course if you wish a frozen Margarita.

If you want a Margarita on the rocks, just do the same without the ice in the blender and pour the mix on ice cubes in your glass.

You can use Grand Marnier instead of the Controy but then it will be sweater and not so Mexican. Same if you use Cointreau. Expensive Tequila is useless for me, as you will add so many things in it, that the beautiful flavor will go away.

Now , you just have to enjoy a real Mexican Margarita.


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