At the departement store “Liverpool” buffet restaurant in Playa del Carmen.


There are a lot of Departement stores “Liverpool” in Mexico. You will find them in all big cities. In Playa del Carmen, It offers you a restaurant and besides the classic menu, there is a buffet. Thats where we decided to go for a cheap and fast lunch. It will cost you less than 7 USD for one person…

The room looked nice and the buffet interesting. Soon we sat at our table, the waiter came with the menus and asked us if we wanted a drink.

A soft drink is part of the buffet menu. It was not very busy but it took a while before I got my still water without ice, when I finally got it it was a soda water full of ice. I had to wait another long time to get what I wanted.

We went to the buffet and picked up directly our main course. All the apetizers did not look very nice.


All the main dishes were more attractive and for real, the choice is interesting. From chicken, meat, fish and stuffed chile with all the vegetables, pasta and freshly made chips, we found a nice range of food.

We then went for the desserts. Some are industrial and some are made there. But honestly, this was the best part. Very tasty and you even get some chocolates; all I needed.

It was very hard to get the bill as nobody seemed to care. Finally a nice manager arrived and we got it. Too bad the service as been so unexistant, that’s probably why this manager said: I suppose you do not wish to tip ! We did but service was not nice.






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