Traditional “Fiesta de la Musica” at Maison Pierre, in Playa del Carmen.


Every June 21, its a French tradition to have the “Fete de la Musique”. All kind of individuals or groups are authorised to sing and play music everywhere in all the country. Of course here in Playa del Carmen, it was not exactly the same but we had the opportunity to go out in a cafe “Maison Pierre”, in town to listen to music while having some food and drinks, and all of this was organised by the French Consulate.

I think this was a very good idea, And a nice way to introduce ourself to our Consulate.

The crowd was not only made with French so its was very cool to hear all kind a languages and meet different people around some drinks and canapes.

The staff arranged a table outside in the backyard and this was really cool. However we could see and listen the music played by a young Mexican group.

I needed a bit more food and order a cheese and charcuterie board. Then the manager as been very kind and offered me a spinach quiche. This night the regular menu was not suppose to be served.

For the occasion, only French wine were available and the price was quite cheap.

Ricard was as well offered but that is not for me…


We wanted to try the Macarons and these are nice but the colorants used make them looking strange.


We had a very nice evening and found the initiative very cleaver. See you next year…

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