Lillies Victorian restaurant in New York.


During my last trip to New York city, my family and I were attracted by such a strange and unusual restaurant in NYC.

Lillie Langtry was a highly successful British actress, a renowned beauty, and socialite of the late 19th century. She was notorious for her long list of prominent suitors, which included the future King of England, Edward VII. She was born on the Isle of Jersey, which lies off the southern coast of England, and was later known as the “Jersey Lillie”.

This place is full of romance and the antiques are surounding you.

The foods are very nice as well as the beverages. The staff is really agreeable and the manager comes to help you soon you look for someone.

The ornate wooden carvings and antiquities you’ll find at Lillie’s were procured from a ballroom in an 1800′s estate in Northern Ireland. The establishment combines an authentic ostentatious decor with a down-to-earth, mellow ambiance, that represents one of the last great Victorian “gin palaces” that once flourished in the industrial cities of Northern Ireland and England.


They serve an eclectic yet traditional menu and an impressive range of over fifty domestic and imported beers, as well as a fine selection of whiskeys, scotches, and wines.

The antique marble bar and furnishings, the likes of which have not been seen in many years, were acquired from a Victorian mansion in Belfast, Ireland. Great care was taken to have them wrapped, packed and shipped across the Atlantic to their new home in the heart of New York City.


Its a place where to go while in New York.

You will find Lillies restaurant :





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