Nice restaurant “Madre Tiera” in Playa del Carmen


There we are in the center of the city, right on the Quinta (avenida 5), and a calm restaurant appears on the second floor, “Madre Tiera”.

On the street level, a cute hostess welcomes you very nicely. You can as well check the menu there.

The dinning room is on the second floor. It is very nice and a bar takes place in the center. You are above the very busy Quinta, however in a quiet place.

We ordered a bottle of Mexican wine. This one we did not know before and that as been a very good surprise.


While waiting for our main course, we decided to have some Guacamole. I can tell you that one for two is enough. The waiter comes with a trolley and prepare it for you next to your table. He did a very good job, we loved it.

Then, that night we decided to be soft and both ordered a Filet Mignon (beef filet). I requested the one with the wine sauce and requested as well some French fries. I just needed to feel French for a moment…

The steacks were excellent and my wine sauce was more than beautiful.

Of course on the menu you have very nice offers of different dishes.

The sweatest moment was reached: dessert. I felt in love before with the three chocolates mousse, so this was my selection again.


This restaurant is a very awesome place right in the center.


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