La Cueva del Chango, outdoor dinner in Playa del Carmen.


You arrive in a garden and feel a very pleasant atmosphere. Dark outdoor sitting restaurant with some basket lights in the trees and candles…

Soon you approach the bar, you see a big board telling you ” Cash only “, and that is strange and unplaisant.

We had a table in the far end of the garden with water around us. Very nice.

The servers were very helpfull and nice.

The menu is completely Mexican as well as the wines. Thats more than fine for me.

I loved my Tostadas de Atun con chile mulato. Nice tacos de pollo with black beans as well.

The chicken green mole was ok. But the Shrimps fried with canala crust, salsa de tamarindo con chile Xcatic and served with a spinach salad with apple was awesome.

The traditional Flan was not really interesting.

The crepes with salsa de cajata were delicious.

After all, this is a nice place regarding the fact that you eat outside but food wise was a bit desappointing.

Honestly, Playa del Carmen offers you better restaurants.


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