Private life needs respect.

Since France as a new President, I am really anoid and shocked by all I hear and read from all around the world about our first lady.

I am not at all in politic. I just react now on something that should remain a love story between two persons and should not be used for those who cannot leave without gossips.

Yes she is older than him. So what ? Is this your problem.

When a wife is much younger, is this your concern ?

We French, are use not to juge people by their private life. We only care that they do not use public money for their private life.

I will not here, display photo of Mrs Macron, but please note that she was a French literature teacher so obviously smart. I do find her more naturally classy specialy compare whith some who are complitely fake !

It is very nice to see that both Mr and Mrs Macron look very much in love and this calls respect.

I only wish that the new and young French President will do a good job. Do not forget he was not known three years ago.

I do myself date someone who is 40 years younger than me and thats why I understand their feelings.

For those around the world, France included, that do gossips about them : Please live them alone and happy, respect them like you would like the others to respect you.

I wish them the best.


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