The legend of Frida Kahlo, taken into a restaurant in Playa del Carmen.


She was one of the most famous artist in Mexico. Painter but as well Writer, she did some cook books that are awesome. I guess this is what inspired the opening of Frida Kahlo restaurant in Playa del Carmen.

Coming soon, will be the opening of an other one in Mexico city (CDMX).


Wide open metalic structure, brings you to a pleasant mix of modern art, industrial environement, with a touch of her colours and creations. Frida is everywhere.

A nice hostess will take you to your table and soon there the waiter welcomes you.

Nice lounge music ambiance.


Big space between the tables, nice table setting but synthetic placemats and napkins, they could do better.

On the menu, the dishes are called with romantic names, thats nice. I ordered a ” Amor mio” and a “Arbol de la Ezperanza”. Beef filet with a superb baby spinach salad, Parmesan and a Agave honey sauce.

Nice Mexican wine selection and French Champagne if you wish .

My meal was really good but my partner’s not so. the Pineapple tacos were ok but the chicken was too overcooked and the Mango creme brulee was not tasty. My chocolate dessert was really beautiful.

That said, its weird. I loved it but between the two of us, its like a 50/50 so I hope that if you go there one day, you will be happy like me.

Looking at the drinks menu, I wanted a digestif drink and decided that a Blue label could do, but they did not have it. Fortunetly they had some of my favorite Tequila, the Casa Dragones.

A nice place right on the Quinta in Playa del Carmen.



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