Mexican cuisine is not only Tacos…


As a Butler, I was working for private employers, and one day one of my ex boss called. He bought a luxury hotel on the Riviera Maya. He invited me one month to see if I could enjoy the climate and take the position of managing two luxury villas that the hotel is renting to VIP guests. Completely under the charm, I easely accepted the chalenge. One of my biggest joy, is that the villas have a private Chef and I started to discover the Mexican cuisine.

Of course these Chefs are extremely talented. The big difference between a restaurant and a private villa, is that the Chef has no limit.

For the good of our guests, I always suggest that they trust the talent of the Chef and relax. Of course alergies and special wishes are respected.

I never had a guest who wanted a pre-aranged menu. The Chefs buy daily fresh foods, mainly organic and the result is amazing.

Our guests discover that of course Tacos, Guacamole, Ceviches and Quesadillas are there but there is an awesome good numbers of different receipes coming from the all the country.

I am in love with the Pollo a la Poblano,

16938633_10212113805789875_2572994519024555755_n (1)

Spices are not always very hot and always on the side for those who are not Mexican.

Wait for the desserts. I had in  memory the taste of what my Mum used to get for us in Spain, the Churros, here I am in heaven because I found them again… But the Avocado ice-cream is devine as well.

We have mainly three Chefs doing the job. All our guests want to take them home with them. They do not work only with talent but as well with this unbelievable pation that makes the whole difference.

I would like to express my biggests thanks to Gustavo, Jorge and Francisco for the unbelievable experience they offer to our guests and to us. Gracias Chicos.

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