The Windy city, Chicago, is one of the nicest big cities of USA.


There is a “je ne sais quoi” that attracts me in Chicago. I love this huge city where all you hope is there. May be not at winter time…


Its an enormous city but you do not feel lost and I would say that Chicago is a group of villages. Just a few blocks away and the ambiance is so different.

The pleasant lake side, the business center, the parc, the small green district with so many restaurants, the luxury shopping area and so much more.

At my first visit I felt in the charm of the windy city.

I recomand a cruise and I choosed the architectural cruise. You can as well, rent a byke.

A must is to go at the top of the Sears tower. However I was not brave enough to walk on the glass floor above nothing.


The parc is huge and so nice, the bean is the master piece with the Buckingham fountain and the huge quantity of art you will discover make you visit a great moment.

All the tourist guides will tell you much more.

There is so much to see in Chicago. I just wanted to share my joy for this wonderful city and hope you will have the chance to go there yourself.




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