Visit the Amish village, in Lancaster PA USA


When you visit Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, you will most likely see an Amish buggy or two as you drive through town.


The Amish village is a very interesting introduction to the Amish way of life. The  Amish have lived in Lancaster County for nearly 300 years. Their way of life focuses on service to God, family and community, and they want to perserve their values by keeping themselves separate from the influences of the world.


When you visite The Amish Village, the farmhouse tour is the perfect tour to learn about the Amish.

The Amish population is growing each year since the average family has 7-10 children and most of them remain in the faith.

The Amish are not necessarily open to progress. They avoid  electricity because the wires coming into their homes represent the outside world coming in. They convert appliances and lamps to gas in their homes and they have running water.


The Amish live peacefully in Lancaster County. They embrace the simple life and are hard working, responsible citizens who take pride in their work.











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