Bovino’s Churrascaria in Playa del Carmen.


I would recommand you to go there , only if you are very hungry. In Playa del Carmen, on 10 th avenue and just accross Coco Bongo, there is this nice Brazilian style restaurant, and soon you enter, you understand that it will be great.

A pleasant hostess takes you to your table, and the AC makes you happy as it is so hot outside.

The way it works here ? You go to a beautiful buffet and after, a team of waiters bring to you an impresive variety of roasted or grill meat of all kind.

Each guests have a little sticker next to the plate. Red side is : no more please, green side is: I would like some more. There is no limit, you eat as much as you can… Believe me , you will ask for more.

The buffet is very generous and I tryied a bit of everything, I shall say the majority of the dishes are good.


They do have a nice selection of wine, and the prices are not crazy.


The top for me , is the meat. Not only the quantity but as well the quality. I did appreciate the grilled shortbread, that I love.

All the staff was extremely nice and taking excellent care of us.

Desserts are presented to you on a trolley, this is a good idea and you can make your choice easely. I had one a the best Tiramisu, presented in a nice chocolat cup.



This was a very nice experience and I warmly recommand Bovino’s if you look for a nice casual lunch or dinner. Remember, you must be hungry. Enjoy !

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