New York , the exciting and magic city.


I know New York since 2005, I did work in NYC for five years (part time) and I always say, this is not one of the most beautiful city in the world but for sure one of the most exciting and extremely surprising.

The first time you arrive in NYC, you keep looking up for a few days and you are amazed by the different architectures. It is so big that even me cannot say, I know it all.


It is such a noisy city, day and night. Never mind, there we are and that is part of the life of the city yhat never sleeps.


However you can find some quiet places and relax while enjoying a cool atmosphere.


One of my favorite things to do is to cross the Hudson river on late afternoon and see the skyline from the New Jersey side. Soon the sun goes down behind you, the skyline turns gold, it is facinating and so spectacular.


You take the Path train at Ground zero or the bus on 42nd street.


Same beautiful thing to do is to go on the top of the Rockefeller center and admire the city day time and as well when the sun goes down. The good thing is you will see the Empire state nearly full size. Beautiful view of the park as well…



The high line is a serene place for pedestrians . This would most of the time continue with a long walk along the Hudson river .


Bryan park is a great place to enjoy a drink or to visit at Christmas time. The arch at Washington square is to be seen.


So many wonderful places to see, visit enjoy. It really is unbelievable. Monuments, museums, shows…


If you have the chance to be in New York for the 4th of July, do not miss the fireworks. You must be there early but its one of the biggest in the world.


Of course you have to see the maximum of Manhatan but New York is bigger than that and more place are worth the visit, Flushing meedow park, the Botanical garden in Brooklyn., the Godspell show in Harlem , the Queens walkway along the East river to see an other fantastic side of the city,  and so much more…

But as a visitor, it is too bad that you will not be abble to enjoy the daily life , like a Newyorker.

I believe I will go to New York as much as I can, for the rest of my life.




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