A bad experience with Delta airlines.


I went to New York, from Cancun for just two and a half days in April this year.

Arriving at Cancun airport, the flight was delayed for three hours. Still its not the worst as other flights were cancelled. Why ? No answer…

Then it was time to check my bag and that took 2 hours as the organisation has been so bad. The agent requested me to pay 25 USD for checking that bag, After he checked again on his screen, he said : Oh no you carry an Air France card so for you its free.

Anyway, after waiting so long, we finally boarded. During the flight, the flight attendants were not really concern about their passengers. They were passing along the alley with requesting if we want a drink and then if we wanted something to eat. But so fast, that of course you could not be heard. I pressed the call button and she came back. I wanted a dish that of course they did not have, so I changed my mind to the cheeses (what a meal !). You have to pay 7 USD and honestly its not even nice.


I was not offered a drink so I had to call her back again…

I wanted some red wine, sorry to be French ! So I got it finally and that is 8 USD…

Good news, a glass of water is free.


I believe I was flying on a low cost airline.

Unbelievable how this airline is treating their clients for a 3.50 hours  flight.

I did spent my little W.E. in NYC, with my family and it was time for me, to go back to work in Cancun.

Flight was only 15 minutes late, the hotesses were a bit better. But what a big surprise when I realised that my bag was not there. Had to queue 30 minutes to talk to an agent. The problem is that they forgot to load 20 bags in JFK.

My bag arrive to my job the next day at 6.15 pm.

For info, after 2 hours delay, Airfrance offered me 20000 miles and British Airways 50000 Avios after 3 hours delay ! Delta : Nothing.

I shall reconsider from now, to fly with an airline from the USA as it is not the only bad experience I had. American, Jet blue, US air (now American), they are never on time, bags are lost, service is under average and they give no consideration to their passenger who are their clients.

Due to the price and the service, next time I shall fly with a low cost Mexican airline.


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