Best Chef in the world,for four years, Noma is now for a short time in Tulum.


Nearly one year ago, the booking was open on internet and all tables were sold out in one hour.

Noma residency in Tulum, Mexico will run for seven weeks, from April 12 to May 28, 2017. During this time it will be open for dinner, Wednesday to Sunday.


The outdoor open-air restaurant, nestled between the jungle and the Caribbean Sea in Tulum, exposed to the climate, is hot, steaming and unpredictable. It is wild like the Mexican landscape as they share the interpretation of the tastes from one of the most beautiful country: Mexico.


The Noma Mexico menu package costs 600 USD per person plus local tax, and service charge, for a total of 750 USD per person. This includes a multi-course tasting menu, beverage pairing including a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, water and tea/coffee. Noma Mexico will only run for seven weeks, offering a unique menu and beverage pairing based on Mexican ingredients and traditions, served only during this residency.

Chef René Redzepi is greeting you with a sensational experience, rich of exquisite flavors, and an unbelievable discovery for your “palet”.

Enjoy casual chic service immersed in the beauty of Mexico’s tropical Jungle. Upon your arrival, you are welcomed with smiles from his feircly loyal staff. Whom hale from all around the world and follow him everywhere.

You will have a 20 course dinner, but do not expect a full plate. You shall get a bite each course…

First course, is a dish with 4 flowers, and this is extremely surprising. Then lets enjoy this wonderful experience, going with a fresh coco with caviar, a taco leaf with a cooked oyster and more divine surprises.



I am extremely lucky I have been to Noma, and what a TREAT !


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