Byblos, greek ? no! Its a French restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

On Valentine’s day, I got a surprise. We had a table reserved at a French restaurant called Byblos. Not big with a nice outdoor sitting


The owner is a very pleasant lady that welcomes you really nice. It looks that this restaurant  is a place where people come back very often. They all know her and she treats them like friends.

The decor is poor. Lots of French posters but you are not there.


The big difference will be in the plates. Still the presentation need to get better as a lot of parsil cover the hole plate like in the 90’s.

The wine list is really nice. We picked up a beautiful Chateauneuf du Pape. That was a very nice one and we did enjoy it.


The escargots were suppose to be 6 pieces and the Lady offer me to make it twelve, and that for me is a minimum. Brie cheese salad with Chipotle was nice. The filet mignon (beef filet) was awesome with a beautiful red wine sauce, a very nice coliflower gratin and a puree. Duck croquant was very good but I have no idea why strawberries were there as well.




Desserts were absolutely great , I recomand the “Mousse au Chocolat” or the “Tatin”.


Of course all of theses were on the Valentine’s day menu.


For me, Byblos is a very friendly restaurant where you cannot expect a hight class performance but a really beautiful food experience.



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