Oh Lala, for a beautiful dinner in Playa del Carmen.

16174501_10211811268746638_4866297204625248767_nWhen you are in such a big touristic city, the number of restaurants is huge and of course mainly in the busiest areas. So if you need to go away from the noisy part, I just discovered a retreat.


I love the way that the staff treats you soon you arrive, at this moment you understand your dinner will be awesome. Its really an elegante place where you will feel spoiled.

Very discreet in a tiny street and no big advertising lights. You first discover that this restaurant is an appartement with first a courtyard were lots of plants gives you this very intimate and serene feeling.

The menu is not huge but so well done. Everything is delicate. I would just recomand to avoit the cheese board. Not the fault of the restaurant, but the cheeses are pasteuralized and Roquefort does not travel well. I had a fantastic beef filet with a sauce Bearnaise, and I have no regrets.



Great moment, is to choose the wine, the selection is very nice and we did enjoy a really good Bourgogne Pinot noir.


You will not see a waiter running, they just move around with class, and that is a very good sign. Of course they explain to you what you are having, and you will be impress by their smile, that shows are happy they are to work in such a nice restaurant and of course that makes you please.



Calm an peaceful, the perfect spot for a romantic dinner in town.



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