Yuum Ha, a villa for rent on Xpu Ha beach.

Of course you need to have a confortable budget. But if you consider five rooms in a five stars hotel, it makes sense for your family, or friends,to rent a private villa with personal staff taking care of you. Let me tell you about villa Yuum Ha on the Riviera Maya , Mexico.


This Hacienda is a five bedrooms villa. Around 200 meters from the beach. But on this beach there is a wood house with one room : the Cabana, very romantic. The main house has four bedrooms.

Very spacious with AC in the rooms (except the Cabana), totally ensuite and fully equiped. TV, Bose sound system in the salon and internet in the main villa. Fully staffed including your private Chef and Butler. This villa and an other one , villa Bel Ha, are under the management of the wonderful Hotel Esencia. Soon you arrive you feel rested.12187721_10207935438653308_6627593996713163686_n


The staff welcome you at the door with a Margarita… Then you visit the villa and decide who is in each room. The Butler will see with you all details of your stay and what you expect for your meals with the Chef. Food and liquors are not included, soft drinks are,but they go to the local supermarket for you and cost of living is low in Mexico.


In fact the only thing you have to do is let them take care of you. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, just enjoy these pasionate staff who are only concerned about pleasing you during your all stay. You want to have lunch at the beach, dinner by the pool, they will make it happen for you. Flowers arrengement are different every day on your table. Very important, there is no opening and closing time, it’s when you want. You have a birhday to celebrate, a special occasion, just let them know.12232801_10207967000042323_8709178149580583573_o

The rooms are really large, king size beds , only one room has twins. Extra beds available.12194552_10207966996642238_6896910900818240603_o12238457_10207966997122250_6852170166858527418_o12239391_10207966984201927_8098802954791970988_o12208560_10207935437973291_1768135334423727477_n12243291_10207966958801292_522961198067035844_n12196056_10207935438253298_564483617228301389_n12646947_10208575941105469_2861203748018858493_n12240879_10207966993762166_7279043426198190530_o

The pool is beautiful and quite large. There is a table and a BBQ as well, so you can enjoy a Ceviche by the pool…

Hard for me to stop speaking about this peace of wonder. Be casual or Chic, this villa is the place where to be.

Contact hotel Esencia and make a reservation.12376631_10209042465688292_2185694583748938208_n12670688_10209077259238109_3558034280136026187_n12472362_10208914053358064_4929004768311675187_n13532917_10209789058512646_2545430191467525604_n13612237_10209789060472695_2161039536760787251_n13700110_10209871553894979_6111932088711136556_n13631650_10209871553334965_2468790183102667529_n


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