Gerard Mulot. Best Pastries in Paris.

Everybody will tell you, that these places where only Parisians go, are the best.

Gerard Mulot, Pâtisserie in the 6th arrondissement in Paris, is the very best pastry shop in the city. It is a bit hard to understand the way to purchase there. It is always full of customers. First you queue to choose what pastries you want. Second, you queue to pay at the register. And then you queue to get your pastries. But believe me it is worth the trip.

Everything is homemade of course, with the best ingredients. The “savoir faire” is unbelievable. It is so looking perfect, so fresh and so tasty, you will dream for sure.

A very few could have lunch there. But you could buy some catered food and go back home with them. Daily new dishes are on display. Fantastic Quiches or Tourtes will make you pleased. If you are in a hurry, just get a sandwich. Their Croque-Monsieur are divine.

Then you have a look at the pastry side. Wow ! If you can resist with none to purchase, you must be unconscious.

Macarons are awsome. I prefer the Macaron Nougat. You will not find it anywhere else.

You MUST try the “tarte au Chocolat”, This chocolate tart, is probably the best in the world. the fruit tarts are awsome. If you are lucky, you will may be find, the “Milles feuilles au nougat”, please try this one as well… just divine. You can go for any of their pastries, you will not believe it is real.

Staying in Paris and not going to Gerard Mulot, is a crime.

76 r Seine
75006 PARIS

Tel: +33 (0)1 43 26 85 77


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