Restaurant Lameloise, Chagny (71), France.

The Burgundy earth, anchor of the Maison Lameloise, has been the source of a certain way of life for 90 years. It is here in Chagny that a history of chefs and stars began. Since 1921, there have been three successive generations of Lameloise: Pierre, Jean and Jacques.

A former coach house inn during the 15th century, then transformed into a hotel, the Hotel du Commerce, the building was renovated in 1960 to revive its heritage and create new rooms under a new name, “LAMELOISE“.

In 2008, Eric Pras, a young chef aged 36 and Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2004, right hand to Régis Marcon until that point, took up a place behind the stove alongside Jacques Lameloise. Was a new history hidden in the walls of the illustrious Maison?

2009  A page turned at the Maison, when at 62, Jacques finally left his post to Eric Pras, whose kitchen already appeals to both old and new clientele. An example of transference of the philosophy; the culinary art has remained faithful to the dictum of the house: Tradition is innovation!

The restaurant Lameloise is as well a very chic boutique hotel with only, if I remember well, 16 rooms.

I went for the first time at Lameloise for a family dinner. They surprised us by welcoming us in a private dinning room as we were 8 persons. Then some “Amuses Bouches ” arrived while we were enjoying some Champagne. It was a dilighful dinner full of discovering dreams. A little secret, just their bread and their unbelievable butter… The cuisine is totally at the highest level.

I went a other time and the magic of being there, at Lameloise, was as great as the first time. Four of us so we had a table at the restaurant itself. After a marvellous time with some unbelievable Lobster, filet if Beef, Cod and fresh vegetables, Lamb cooked as it should be, I just could not skip dessert. My choice went on something I did not have since a long time, Crepes Suzette. A dream coming true ! Of course prepared in front of you like in the old days.

The staff is really discreet and full of attentions, they do take care about you at all time. The Sommelier did a great job, and made us try some unexpected wines.

Before dinner we did enjoy drinks at the bar. I recomand you do so as the dream will start there.

71150 Chagny-en-Bourgogne (France).

Tel : +33 (0)3 85 87 65 65



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