Before it is too late, go to Cuba.

Cigars, Music, Mojito, beaches and so much more. Cuba is a dream land.

Of course the Cubans suffer. Of course they miss everything. Of course their salary is 10 US dolllars a month. But you know what ? They smile, dance and enjoy the little bit they have.

Culture is hight there. An Opera at the magnificient Teatro National is 10 dollars… All the kids could point on a map where is that country or this one. They do not need calculators, there is none. No medecine neather but they manage, they all help eachother.

It is really for us, a place where you learn life and what is a real “problem”.

In La Havana, I usually go to the Sevilla Hotel. It does not have the same standard like the Saratoga or the NH hotel. But it is one of the destination of Hemingway. Right in the center,  with a roof restaurant overlooking the city.

Enjoy a “Mojito” at La Boteguida del Medio, and finish by a “Daiquiri” at La Floridita. Dinner by the Cathedral at El Patio…

So much to visit, so much to see, so much to discover, before it gets like everywhere. You should rush to this country to feel “a moment in the past.

Goose bumps for sure !

2207_1069231220486_7422_n207096_1039325632865_4863_nOf course if you prefer to go to the beach, Varadero is the place of resorts for all king of budjet, from all inclusive to five stars hotel. The sea is always at a perfect temparature and the color is so beautiful.



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