Restaurant Ciudad Sagrada in Cholula, Mexico.

In a discreet street of  the city of Cholula, you suddenly find a beautiful place with a valet service. The restaurant Cuidad Sagrada is a very nice and chic place in a luxurious garden where you could go casual. If the weather is nice you could enjoy your dinner outside in the garden. Lovely flowers and trees, candles everywhere and an Aztec show on Fritday night. It will get full around nine PM. Make sure you have a reservation, specially on week-ends.


All the servers were very kind and helpfull. We ordered a bottle of Champagne and enjoyed it during the show. Very nice and it is always good to understand the history of the civilization and the place where you are.

The menu was exactly what you would need in this kind of restaurant, the wine list was very nice with a top selection.

The all dinner was extremely gourmet style. The plates were very beautiful, presented with good details while the quality of the cuisine was hight level. The Chef is really a fine dinner class; our palate was totally addicted to our dinner. Then, the dessert arrived. As all the  French people we always need a good dessert. I must say I could not believe this Rose cake that I ordered, absolutely divine !  A rose cake with a light rose cream and some comestible rose pedals on the top. I could return there just for the rose cake.

10410550_10204506818339943_1091601026983969318_n (1)

We did enjoy as well, the live singers, nothing loud, just the right balance. They maked a very good job regarding the atmosphere of the restaurant.

It is trully a beautiful and enjoyable place that I do recommand.


Cuidad Sagrada

2 Oriente No. 615 Col. Centro,, San Pedro Cholula 72760, Mexico.

Tel : 2222479425.


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