A delighful stay at “le Grezalide” (46), France.

South West of France is one of the best region for food. Beside that, so many sites are just around you. The most beautiful village of France and the 2nd and 3rd site of the country. So many more are just there for you, and not too busy with tourists.

In the middle of nowhere, there is that so peaceful hotel and restaurant with this eco-friendly atmosphere : Le Grezalide.

Hosted in a castle dated from the knights, with these huge stone walls, you should feel the privilege of being there. In the old days, the chateau was used for the cityhall, the school and a vacation center for a city around Paris. For sure, you need a car… Trains will take you to Assier the nearest , but no car rental available, or Toulouse by train or plane and then you can get a car.

Your host at the hotel are Karine and Bruno. She is taking care of cooking while Bruno is looking after you. The staff there is charming and smilling.

Foods, for dinner only, are just a dream of cuisine. She gives you all of her passion of cooking and you just have to enjoy.


Breakfast is so nice as well. Croissants, toasted bread, fresh yogurts, cheese, ham and hard boiled eggs. Beautiful local jams and honey…

On request, you should enjoy the SPA. The little shop with all the local products is worth the visit. Take a drink outside and refresh at the pool.


Its not their fault, but the region is not well covered with internet connexion, so you know.

Go there you will appreciate a real retreat in peace.


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