Le Manoir de la Possonnière (41),France.

Next to Montoire sur le Loir, in Couture sur le Loir, you should go and visit the Manoir de la Possonnière.

This is the birthplace of  Pierre de Ronsard in 1524. He stayed there untill he turned 12 years old and became a “page” for the son of the king.

He became as well a famous poet in the Renaissance period of the French history.

The visit starts with the grottos facing the house. These were used as kitchen, cave, bakery and home for servants. A guide will explain to you all the great details of the sculptures on the front of the grotos as well as those on the house.

The house does not include a great number of rooms but they are big. Its a good way to discover how they used to live in these days.

Then discover the garden with around 200 different modern and ancient roses. As well as flowers and vegetables.

The ticket is 5 euros and it is a pleasant place to go. Never too crowded and out of the main sites for international tourists travelling with a group.

Enjoy this charming home.


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