La Maison du Chocolat.

I am a fan of milk chocolate.  I do appreciate dark one too. But at “La Maison du Chocolat“, I find the fantastic, the greatest, the unbelievable Milk chocolate ganache “Sylvia”.

I never go out of this shop without a few others, including the “Rocher”. Amazing.

The Macarons are very nice as well. Specially of course the chocolate one.

Well, everything about chocolate is to be found in this temple dedicated to chocolate

When you are enjoying a coffee after a meal at home. Offer your guests some of the “Bulle de Brut” and “Bulle de rose”,  That delicate mix of chocolate and Champagne is the must with a coffee. You could add some “Truffes Cognac”.

They have shops around Paris and at the Paris airports. Three shops in New york, Madison avenue, Rockefeller center 49th street and 63 Wall street.

La Maison du Chocolat is one of the best chocolate you can find.


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