Best Tea in Paris. Betjeman & Barton.

For those who love tea, there is in Paris, a place where you must go.

Betjeman & Barton, 24 boulevard des filles du Calvaire in the 11th district. Its the shop where you will get the best tea but as well its a tea bar. I had a bubble tea cocktail (sparkling iced tea), and could not believe it. Simply great.

If you are greedy like me, try their fruit cakes and all other surprises. Regarding tea, they offer you a fine selection of 150 different teas. Unbelievable, you cannot get that anywhere else. Flowers herb tea as well.

The shop is really beautiful, very different that what you could expect but so much nicer. The warm welcome from the staff will make you feel confortable. They would even make you try their tea…

I never miss a visit to that shop when I go to Paris.

Simply Love them.


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