Hotel La Quinta Real in Puebla, Mexico.

An old Mexican house. But size of a palace…

“La Quinta Real” is the other hotel I love in Puebla. Right in the center of the city.

The restaurant “Refectory” takes you back to the colonial era as it offers an unparalleled view of the main courtyard, which is framed by a series of arches of the sixteenth century.

The server was so helpfull and profesional, with a stylish way to take care of us. We had the feeling that we where in that place since a long time. So much enjoyed it. Foods were perfect, absolutly great. Wines selection is good as well. They did not have the one I wanted. Ok, the server opened a bottle of Mexican wine and said : try please and if you like it it is yours. It was unbelievable. I had no idea of the Mexican wines, and this one was awsome.

I love those places where you are never in a rush. Never we had the feeling that we had to go.

We did not have the chance to stay at the hotel. Still we visited a wonderfull room. May be an other time…

Worth a try.


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