The Welcoming Hotel de Choiseul, Amboise (37), France.

Located at the edge of the Loire and at the foot of the Royal Castle of Amboise, homeland of Leonardo da Vinci, the hotel Le Choiseul is a charming house typically from Tours built in 18th century. The hotel enjoys an exceptional location in the heart of the Valley of Loire castles. Continue reading

Brasserie Parc, Philadelphia PA, USA.

The Brasserie Restaurant Parc, recalls the chic brasseries of Paris, serving traditional bistro fare in a charming and comfortable space.
Full of French traditional furnishers and decoration, this stylish addition to Rittenhouse Square pays tribute to French café culture, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Ideal for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the menu is filled with classics such as onion soup, escargots, steak frites and towering plateaux de fruits de mer. The baguettes are made in-house and are the perfect accompaniment to the charcuterie platter. Trout Amandine and Beef Bourguignon, Sole Meunière pair perfectly with the diverse selection of wines on our expansive wine list. Sip a Kir Royal at the original zinc bar or just enjoy a café au lait while sitting outside watching the passersby. Parc offers a perfect experience at any time of the day for any occasion.

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Unbelivable Mexico city or Mexico DF as they say. Mexico

Even the most ambitious travelers have difficulty exploring all of Mexico City, so you should carefully plan your days. Popular activities include exploring the famous Metropolitan Cathedral.  Favorite cultural institutions are the National Palace presidential residence and the Palace of Fine Arts. Also, be sure to stroll the Central University City Campus, a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s famous for its 20th century architecture. Continue reading

Versailles Palace, home of the Sun King, (78) France.

The Château de Versailles, which has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for 30 years, is one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th-century French art. The site began as Louis XIII’s hunting lodge before his son Louis XIV transformed and expanded it, moving the court and government of France to Versailles in 1682. Each of the three French kings who lived there until the French Revolution added improvements to make it more beautiful. Continue reading

Hotel L’Orangeraie , La Croix Valmer (83), France.

Away from the busy Saint Tropez, This Hotel is a 1900 Mansion, it was an old Covent, and did not loose his original charm.

Hotel de l’Orangeraie, is peacefull with such a nice view overlooking the Mediteranee sea.  The swinming pool is awsome, surrounded by old palm trees. Enjoy the blue sky, the sun and the islands away. Continue reading

Hotel de CORTES, boutique hotel in Mexico city.

One of the first hostels in America from the year 1620, protected by the Anthropology and History National Institute, has been transformed into the Hotel De CORTES. A Mexican baroque jewel fully remodeled that offers upscale lodging services. Located in the main entrance of the Historical Centre, overlooking the Alameda Central and a few steps away from the main square, this place is a unique concept in town. Continue reading

Restaurant 1728, Paris 8th, France

This fantastic restaurant is in the restored salons of the Hotel Mazin La Fayette, built in 1728, a space dedicated to inventive cuisine, wine creators, where collectible objects, paintings, sculptures and music flirt with each other.

For a romantic and intimate dinner (lunch as well), the restaurant 1728 will make your dreams come true. Continue reading