Château de Beauregard, (41) France.

While you visit the beautiful city of Blois, go ten minutes away and visit the private Château de Beauregard.

It is not like those very crowded main sites of the Loire valley, but it is authentic. The wonderful main entrance gate, has been closed because the state made a fast road just infront. So now you enter the back gate. However, it is nice to go and enjoy a private house like this one.

The Château de Beauregard is famous for the “galerie des illustres” ( portraits galery of the famous). It is a huge room totally covered of portraits of important people of the French history. The Château is from the XVI century. I would love to cook in the kitchen, you would as well.

The parc is very nice, do not miss the ruins of the Chapel.

A little cafe is there as well and you enjoy your drink, facing the nicest side of the Château.

It is important to support those private homes, open to public, but with no grant from the state.


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