La Casona de la China Poblana, Puebla, Mexico.

Everyone goes to the beaches of Mexico. Do you know, that Mexico offers much much more ?

The city of Puebla, two hours away from Mexico city, is a beautiful and safe historical place. It is the city of museums, churches, and historical buildings. The city is full of life. Next to Puebla, go to Cholula and visit the famous pyramid.

You will find a lot of very good restaurants in the city, walking distance from the hotel.

I discovered this boutique hotel, right in the center that is worth the trip. La Casona de la China Poblana.

An old Hacienda, restored with talent and charm. Just ten bedrooms , better say suites. Very confortable, very well equiped and so comfy. A terrasse at the rooms floor will let you enjoy a sitting area with a complimentary coffe machine, and all surrounded by flowers. For breakfast you go downstairs in the courtyard, and you will be amazed by the extra lond buffet they offer you, full of wonderfull Mexican specialties.  A Lady Chef prepares what ever you want just there.

It is so peacefull to rest there.

The restaurant and the bar are on the street level, and from breakfast to dinner you should love this place; foods are really awesome. A Lady will come and prepare Salsa in front of you and the waiter will flamb a dessert next to your table. Trust them to pick up the right wine, you only let them know you wish to enjoy a remarquable time and they will all take care of you, just the right way. They do not react like a hotel and restaurant staff but rather like hosts and you feel much more like a guest.

One day, I requested to the Headwaiter to organise dinner for us since I did not want to see the menu and have a surprise.  I told him to see with the Chef and do what you wanted. We arrived at the restaurant around 8pm and they opened a bottle of “Veuve Clicquot”, good start. We enjoyed some Champagne and half an hour after a salad with Zucchine flowers arrived which was light and so nice. Then a Shrimp bisque but not just a soup. The shrimps in the base of the plates were flambed and then only they poored the bisque in the bowl, certainly one of the best I ever had. They gave us some time while the waiter was opening a bottle of “Chateauneuf du Pape”.  That was great with the divine fillet of beef (filet mignon) that they gave us. The wine sauce was great, the meat was so tender and they even remembered at what temperature we like our meat to be cooked. Then, they flambed for us a fruits and soft cheese dessert, the perfect light balance we needed. See how they are so good at taking good care of you.

I adore the Casona de la China Poblana.



2 thoughts on “La Casona de la China Poblana, Puebla, Mexico.

  1. This is a place to remember. I have stayed at this hotel, as well as I have tried the restaurant and this is just perfect. The food in there is just awesome since the chef takes the best of the Mexican cuisine and makes it just better.

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