Restaurant 1728, Paris 8th, France

This fantastic restaurant is in the restored salons of the Hotel Mazin La Fayette, built in 1728, a space dedicated to inventive cuisine, wine creators, where collectible objects, paintings, sculptures and music flirt with each other.

For a romantic and intimate dinner (lunch as well), the restaurant 1728 will make your dreams come true.

The wide architectural balance of this place, reception rooms neither too large nor too small, neither too high nor too short, a desire for harmony Mazin applied to this home.

Hard to choose between the Foie Gras , the Frogs’ legs and then the Lobster, Scallops, Cod, Pigeon, Lamb, Fillet of Beef or Veal ribs. Let the sommelier to guide you for the best wine regarding your meal.

One thing I shall not skip is dessert. Especially the “1728”, Banana, chocolate souffle tart with vanilla ice cream.

I love the atmosphere,it really is like you are in a personal residence. They look after you with so much elegance. Attention to details always.

You will imagine Lafayette walking in the place when he used to live here.

No problem for your car, they have a valet service.

This is not a classic restaurant, you are a guest in a private home.

Restaurant 1728, 8 rue d’Anjou , Paris 75008.

tel : +33 1 40 17 04 77.


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