Best flowers in town, Moulie , Paris (7th) France.

Between the very sophiticated, and the garden style, the shop will show you the very best flowers in the most delicate harmony and the most ideal display.

What ever is the colour, even the one you do not like, “Moulie”, will make you fall in love, with what they will arrange and prepare for you. From old to modern roses, with that delicate fragance. The hydrangea will surprise you with so many colours. The Peonies are so exclusive and your home will be totally transported to the garden, soon their smell will be realised. So many flowers I have no idea of the names. Who would think of mixing strawberry flowers in a arrangement ? So many rare and prestigous flowers. Tulips, Trush, Violets, Gladiolies, and so much more, they have them all, regarding the seasons.The most common flowers will turn to be a piece of art in the hands of these people.

Moulie is famous for their extremely huge arrangements for palaces, embassies or big weddings. If you just go for a simple bouquet that you will bring yourself to your host or simply bring back to your home, you will may be see an artist, an actor or a singer, French, or International who live in Paris from time to time. They used 14 tons of flowers for a Royal Wedding recently. This place is so well known.

The quality of their flowers, their plants, their trees, is absolutely perfect and outstanding. They have their own place in Brittany, near the city of Quimper, where they grow a lot of their flowers.

It is easy to find them, just behind the ” Assemblee Nationale (Deputy House), place du Palais Bourbon. They have two shops next to eachother. The little one is more specialised in Orchids. That is the Orchids temple. There is always a little something to get at the Moulie store and sometime it is a beautiful decoration item. I got a statue there.

They really are the best florist in Paris.

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