Saint Genest church in Lavardin (41), France.

This is 5 minutes away from Montoire.

First, Lavardin is a beautiful little village dominated by the ruins of the chateau.  I shall tell you later about a nice restaurant along the river in Lavardin.

One of the best things to visit in this tiny village is the church “Saint Genest“.

This church is a complex Romanesque building, whose date has been contested. Most likely constructed at the end oh the XI th century, the church distinguishes itself with a belfry porch with partially walled Romanesque window. the upper section was destroyed in 1590. The walls of the nave are embellished on the outside with small columns and modillons. The apse and oriented chapels have un dergone much restoration work.

You must walk around this church and look for the sculpted stones included in the construction.

The nave is covered on the inside with a panelled vault. The side-aisles present arch diaphgrams wiich connect the pillars to the side walls.


The chancel, which is vaulted in a “cul de four”, half dome, is preceded by a right bay with two arches resting on round columns with curious solid capitals, decorated with spirals, knot-work, felines and faces which are barely outlined and are difficult to date.

Such a remarquable little church for the number of scenes in the frescoes and paintings on the wall.

This is a Roman building, due to be built at the end of the XI century. The construction lasted two centuries. You should love the architecture, where stones and wood are both used. The gate has been restaured during the 15th century.

That was built when the men gave time to the time.



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