Château de Cheverny, Loire valley (41) France.

There are several places to visit in the very rich Loire valley. One of my favorite is the Château of Cheverny.

Owned by the same family since six centuries, the château is very interesting. It is open to public since 1992. For the Belgian and the French, it will remind us “Tintin”.

The inside of that private château is a splendor. Extremely well maintained. It is vast and romantic at the same time.

The furniture and the interior decoration are remarkably well preserved.The private apartments on the first floor convey the French way of living: the birth chamber, the nursery, the dining room …

But many other treasures can be found in Cheverny like for instance a 17th century Gobelin tapestry shown in the Arms room or the Louis XIV chest of drawers in the Boulle style.

The château, which appears to be set on an ocean of lawns, is surrounded by an English-style park consisting of magnificent giant redwoods, cedars and lime trees, which were planted between 1820 and 1860.

Outside, the Botanical garden is really beautiful. Enjoy a drink and a home-made pastry at the “Orangerie”. The gardens are very nice at the flowers season.

More than hundred hunting dogs live in Cheverny. You can visit them all day long. Between 1 April and 15 September the dogs are fed every day at 5 p.m.

I like so much to go back to Cheverny, it is peacefull and you will easelly feel you could stay there for good.



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