La Petite Marquise, Angers (49) France.

In the lovely city of Angers, visit the Chateau, the Cathedral and the old historical city. But, to make it complete, you should go to “La Petite Marquise“.

Delicious pastries, caterer products, chocolates and in between all that, their specialty the “Quernon d’Ardoise”.

The Slate that covers the roofs of Angers, meeting the French chocolate artisan. A very delicate nougatine, covered with blue chocolate. Take a bite of that small square and you will not stop. The Quernon d’Ardoise is always a good thing to share.

Cointreau is as well made in Angers, So they offer you to try their “Cointreau Baba”. You can trust me, it is just divine.

I tried their home made caramels and that as well is delicious. If you go there, you will not resist to get pastries I am sure.

In Angers, everybody knows the Petite Marquise.

I do love it.

La Petite Marquise

22, rue des Lices

49100 Angers, France

Tel : +33 (0)2 41 87 43 01


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