British airways, First class.

Finally a real First class cheaper than the others.

British airways offers four different classes on their long haul flights. Economy, premium economy, business that they call “club world”, and First class. 14 suites will welcome you with this pure British charming comfort, but never the horrible too much of bragging ( I am not telling…)

After a moment in the superb “Concorde room” at Heathrow airport, it will be time for boarding.

Laurent Perrier Grand siècle champagne to welcome you on board. And not only one glass…

All you expect of a first class suite is there. the electric curtons to close your set of two windows, the large screen, the fully flat bet with duvet and so on. The elegant attendants will guide you for the choice of your delicious meal as well as selecting the wines. They will turndown your seat into a bed while you change your clothes for a nice pyjama. “Sir, would you like me to wake you up for breakfast?”. Pure British breakfast… honestly , what else ?

Use your “One World” miles to get upgraded, Get an upgrade at Heatrow airport or by the ticket, but just try it.

Its is very hard to travel otherway soon you have tryed the BA first class.


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