The Cathedral “Notre Dame de Chartres” (28), France.

Chartres cathedral also known as Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres or Notre-Dame de Chartres is one of the finest architecture example of High Gothic style in France,

You could still nowadays observe the sculpture designs and its details as they were seen from the day they were built.

Many people come here for various purposes, not only for religious reason. Many of them come here to study or do a research for medieval architectures and the stained glass windows. Or simply because they adore the historic buildings.

That is why Chartres cathedral becomes the most visited place in Chartres and in whole department of Eure et Loir. Visiting the cathedral is a must thing to do while you are in Chartres.

Notre Dame de Chartres has two different styles of towers – Gothic style on the north side with 113 meters high and roman style on the south with 105 meters high. Both towers are absolutely the highest peaks in the region which can be seen from many miles away from Chartres. The stained glass windows in Chartres cathedral, it has hundreds of stained glass windows which decorate all around the interior of it. Some myths believe that nowadays people cannot create the same blue color which dominate the color of the stained glass windows. That’s why you will hear often the words Chartres Blue.


Another part of the cathedral that you should visit is the crypt, beneath the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres, is the largest one in France.

The Labyrinth on the floor, is one of the biggest built in a French Cathedral. One day it was totally clear and we have been abble to enjoy it, as there was no chair displayed on it.

But the extreme top of all, was the concert given in the Cathedral during our last visit. The Choir and the Orchestra were so brilliant. The sound inside the Cathedral was fabulous.

When you are outside, you will see the different style of both towers of 12th century, with the rose window. The facade – royal portal of 12th century, north and south portals of 13th century.You could observe the details sculptures and statues on the exterior decoration of the cathedral. The astronomical clock of 15th century with its unique hand.

About an hour drive, south of Paris, you should go and give a visit to this Cathedral.



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