Chablis, white wine (89), France.

Over the centuries, despite the phylloxera tragedy in the late 19th century, Chablis has grown in reputation and built on its natural assets to become one of Burgundy’s great vineyards.

1959, the year in which William Fèvre declared his first crop, marked the birth of the domain.  Descended from a family which had lived in the Chablis region for over 250 years, it was only natural that he set up as a winemaker with 7 hectares of vineyards.

Over the years the domain has acquired new vineyards in Chablis, all located in the historic terroirs. William Fèvre has become one of the biggest land owners in Chablis with 78 hectares of prestigious vineyards, of which 15.9 are classified as Premiers Crus and 15.2 as Grand Crus.

To preserve their environment, the vineyards are carefully managed. Limiting yields is a given, and the vines have been cultivated using organic methods for many years. The domain carries out harvesting by hand in small crates followed by rigorous sorting, and pays close attention to detail at every stage of the process.

Chablis is already widely known for its unique personality and special minerality… and among these “grands vins”, those of Domaine William Fèvre are iconic.

Over half of its vineyards are Premiers and Grands Crus : a white gold hue and vibrant bouquet: fresh fruit, white flowers, citrus, wonderful minerality and incredible purity. On the palate, there’s an abundance of flavours, perfect balance and a unique expression of freshness and elegance.

William Fevre

10, rue Jules Rathier – 89800 Chablis

Phone: +33 (0)3 86 18 14 37

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2 thoughts on “Chablis, white wine (89), France.

  1. Now that is a wine I wouldn’t mind having at my dinner table. I’m always surprised how tiny the farms are in Europe, you couldn’t grow diddly squat on 7 acres in Australia, but we do grow some pretty passable wines here.

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