Macarons and pastries from Laduree.

This is the most famous place for Macarons, the world knows Laduree.

But, they do as well make great pastries. The “Plaisir Sucre” is to die for !

They have three stores in Paris , one in Versailles palace, and one in New York on Madison avenue. For those who missed it in town, they as well have stores at Paris airports , CDG and Orly.

They carry quite a few other products like Honey, Jams, Croissants, Chocolats and Candles…

Croissants, Pain au chocolat, brioche and many more will complete your breakfast goodies.


My favorite Macaron, for those of you who like Liquorice, is the Macaron Réglisse. This one is not available in the USA. Otherwise select between, Orange Blossom, Chocolate, Lemon, Yuzu Ginger, Pistachio, Coffee, Red Fruits and so much more.

It is part of the things you must try while in Paris.



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