Hotel le Manoir des Minimes, Amboise (37), France.

Manoir Les Minimes, a hôtel in the heart of the Châteaux de la Loire country, offers an unparalleled view of both the Château Royal and the Loire river.
Located in the stunning old Amboise neighbourhood, the Manoir invites you to sample an authentic Loire region way of life while treating you to exceptional service.

Enjoy not only the sights, but the warm personal welcome of a team devoted to catering for your every need.


As soon as you cross the doorstep, you’ll feel the warm atmospher and the spirit of the place. Brimming with character, and right by the Château d’Amboise on the foundations of the old Minimes medieval monastery, the Manoir has elevated hospitality to an art form. Every room and every space has been designed to make travellers from around the world to feel at ease and at home, wherever they are from.

The interiors are a marriage of elegance and style. Every piece of furniture, ever object has a story to tell and the overall effect is luxurious and serene!

After the revolution, the brotherhood struggled to attract a following and the convent was put up for sale. The convent buildings were used as shops and the church was destroyed. Almost nothing remains of the convent built by Francis of Paola; what is believed to have been the dortoir (sleeping quarters) is now known as “Le Manoir Les Minimes”. This dortoir, sleeping quarters, which extends north to south was, along with a second structure by the river, modified many times as a convent building between 1493 and the present day. The refectory and kitchen could be found on the 1st floor of the dortoir. The second floor comprised 3 rooms, including one with a chimney and an office, and a further 4 rooms with a corridor extending east. The attic was on the 3rd floor. Today, the building has been redeveloped into a 4-star hotel. One of the rooms near the church site has a 0.6 metre thick wall at its south-west angle – typical of structures from the Middle Ages. This may have been the oratory. It leads, down a narrow corridor, to a small room which is similar to one in the Jésus-Maria du Plessis convent where the oratory is found in the dortoir. Guests at Le Manoir Les Minimes invariably find themselves drawn to its fascinating history.

Welcome to a magnificent adventure through time at our classic French manor house.


Hôtel Le Manoir Les Minimes

34, quai Charles Guinot – 37400 Amboise

Tel : +33 (0)2 47 30 40 40


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