Lets get some cliches away and learn some tips about what to do in France…

I have been working for a few years in the USA.

I heard some people saying silly things, that they called “cliche”.

We certainly all have that for all the other people around the world. Here is what I can say.

Just hope nobody will get hurt or upset, please do not get me wrong !

French do have bathrooms, and we do take showers every day.

French ladies shave. Come on just think about the summer time. These women are totally following the fashion, and elegance is their daily life. What do tou think ?

Stop saying (or so we do not really care), that France never won a war. Please read a history book.

Please when you travel to Europe, make sure you take your hat off in front of a lady and inside a home. Extremely rude to wear a hat or a cap in these situations.

Please be discret and do not shout. Sometimes, other people would love to have a conversation as well.

It is very rude here to go to a store or if you meet a person that you do not know, to say : Hi how are you or Hi how are things today. We might answer: mind your own business ! For us, this is very disrespecful.

All prices in Europe are tax included. So the price you see in a window is the price you will pay.

In France, at a bar or a restaurant, tip is included. It is nice if you are pleased, that you leave a little extra, like a 20 euros if you are four in a nice restaurant. One or two euros in a cafe is fine. You could give a tip to taxi drivers and hairdressers as well, just few euros.

Portions are smaller in Europe and you will not starve. This is why we do not have left over in our plates. Do not ask for a take away box, that is really bad here.

We do not eat with our fingers. Except a sandwich. And please, do not put your napkin in your plate. This is so disgusting.

Please do not use ketchup on French foods, to cook takes time and passion, it should need nothing else. Use it for the fries or eggs at breakfast. Do not drink a soda and stop asking for Burgers.

Try the foods, do not be scared. You will not die. And it taste so different over here. Tap water is drinkable except if it says the oposite, like on a public fountain.

When you travel, forget about your own habits and try those from the country you are visiting.

We love our tourists.

No offense


3 thoughts on “Lets get some cliches away and learn some tips about what to do in France…

  1. Quite right, one should know things about other countries when one visits them. I didn’t know that bit about not leaving a napkin on a plate, which I might do if it was paper, but not if it’s a proper one. Same in India, where food is often eaten with fingers, but only with the right hand.

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