Jean-Paul Hevin, the true number one for Chocolate in France.

When I was working near Saint Sulpice in Paris, I was used to go every saturday to the store rue Vavin. It was funny because I called first to reserve what I think is exceptionnal, the “Millefeuille Chocolat”. Jean-Paul Hevin does not make a lot of them, so you better rush. It is light, very tasty. The best chocolate with the best pastry.

But the choice of pastries is much bigger and you can try them all. Tonka , Longchamps, Cigare, Ecuador and so much more. My friend Agnes loved the Tonka. I do not know any place where the chocolate is so strongly tasteful. It is really for the “Amateurs”.

But the reputation of Jean-Paul Hevin, is Chocolate. You fly in the sky when you try his chocolates. There is Love in these delicious “bonbons de chocolat”. I happen to meet Jean-Paul Hevin, he is so calm so much passionate, than you feel his personality in his work. The President of a association called “les Croqueurs de Chocolat”, was selling and signing her book in the store where we were working. She introduced Mr Hevin to us. She explained his work. He came with some ganache. Believe me I am extremely greedy and gourmet, but soon I discovered the Hevin chocolates, I started to enjoy the best of the best.

Try the crispy and melting Palets, you will not believe it, The Truffles are just unbelievable. The rochers are always in my bag soon I go there. I tried the chocolate fondue, oh boy ! Give a chocolate Lollipop to your child, no mess on the face…and get a bar Florentin for you, for your way back home.

I will not have enought words to express what I feel about those chocolates.

Go to a Jean-Paul Hevin store to visit heaven on earth.

Jean-Paul Hévin

231 rue Saint Honoré

75001 Paris

Tel: +33 (0)1 55 35 35 96


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